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Virgo Personality

The owners of this sign are born between August 23 and September 22. They are very distinguished and have a different temperament from the owners of other signs. They combine strength and passion, the power of the mind mixed with the power of the heart, and the power of thinking united with the power of feeling. You may find that there are slight differences between the specifications of the male virgin and the specifications of the female virgin, but in general, the common characteristics remain the most common between them.

Independent: The Virgo female always searches for her independence in her decisions, whether in her field of work or study, or even in the decision to choose her life partner, and is ready to engage in countless battles in defense of her independence.

Emotional: her affection is very great towards the people around her, she belongs strongly to her family members and builds beautiful friendships with them, she hides a very deep affection for her life partner even if she has not met him yet, she loves children in a crazy way, she loves watching them and paying attention to their small details.

Confident in herself: The Virgo woman fully believes that she will win in all bets and that she has what qualifies her to win all the battles she may fight, whether in competition at school or at work.

Her interest in work: The Virgo woman puts her work as her first priority.
Honest: She always prefers to show her sincere words and feelings, even if that cost her the loss of the person in front of her. On the other hand, she expects the people around her to be very honest and frank in dealing with her.

Nervous: she may be provoked by the slightest bad situation that happens around her, her anger may explode in small details, and she cannot suppress her anger no matter how hard she tries.

Lover: The Virgo female prefers to spend her entire years in loyalty to the person her heart may choose, she sacrifices everything she can to stay with him, clings to him to the fullest extent, and refuses to replace him with anyone who may be more intelligent and handsome than him, she is jealous of her partner in an indescribable way, and this may cause She has a lot of problems with any passerby who might look at him, even for a moment.

She does not stop thinking: her mind is always continuing to think about things around her, she puts doubts about things and people and continues to search for evidence until she proves the validity of her suspicion, and this is what causes her anxiety and insomnia constantly and increases her temper and nervousness.

Quiet and shy: The first characteristics that may develop in her and draw the attention of the people around her are her calmness and shyness.

Virgo Man

Rational: He uses his mind in matters of his life more than his emotions, and he calculates his actions in all situations that may confront him before he takes any step, small or large.
Very observant: he notices the smallest details around him and notices the smallest changes that have occurred in them. The strength of his vision always helps him in the intensity of his observation and the strength of his concentration.

Very Attractive: The Virgo man draws the attention of everyone around him without any effort on his part, as he has an indescribable attractiveness that dominates the atmosphere wherever he goes, and that is what gives him the purity of his thinking and complexity at the same time, and his striking style of dialogue and discussion.

Nervous: He always uses his mind to stay away from everything that bothers him or disturbs his mood, but if something arouses his anger, he will explode like a volcano, molding all the balances of his other balanced qualities.

Lover: He does everything in his power to preserve and protect his partner, he tries to make her jealous from time to time, but he does not show his jealousy over her no matter how much she tries to provoke him, he does everything he can to show his love for her and make her happy.

Loving: He loves everyone around him, expresses his feelings towards them, appreciates his love for his friends and colleagues at work, and tries to help them as much as possible and ease their burdens.

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