Virgo Monthly Horoscope March 2022

If you have any distance or walls in your relationships, they may begin to dissolve this month when the Pisces sun shines a light on the love sector of your chart. As you and your spouse melt into one another, this powerful astrological phase might help you reestablish and enhance your romantic relationships.

This energy might also encourage you to romanticize situations that arent really in your best interests, so be careful not to fall into a fantasy. Keep a watch out for red flags, but if the relationship appears to be healthy and genuine, let your guard down. If you’re currently single, this cosmic environment allows you to practice radical self-love, allowing you to totally accept and cherish yourself.

The full moon in your sign, Virgo, occurs on March 18, providing you the opportunity to develop and improve yourself. Any endeavor that asks you to draw into your personal power will benefit from a helpful link to Pluto, so don’t feel bad about throwing your weight around. You may need to put someone in their place, especially if they’ve previously bullied you or attempted to undermine your confidence.

On the twentieth, the sun enters fiery Aries, providing you the motivation and momentum to follow through on the full moon’s transforming impulses. Change is approaching, and you must be honest with yourself about who or what you need to let go of. Remember that anything you let go of will only open the door to better and brighter prospects, especially in terms of your career and love life.

Yearly Virgo Horoscope
Yearly Virgo Horoscope

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