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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023

Scorpio Weekly Professionally

the new month begins with a fast and steady pace, setting off with great radiance and splendor, to enter one of the best periods, penetrating the defenses of others, recording repeated victories, and showing your readiness for a great launch to overcome all barriers with the presence of appropriate astronomical horoscopes in the horoscopes of a friend, and makes you revolve in a financial and professional circle, social brilliance, admiration, and appreciation, but The beginning will be a little volatile, with the moon in Leo in a square with your horoscope on Saturday and Sunday, so you will complain about a decline in relationships, profits, and morale.

Scorpio Weekly Emotionally

You suffer from misunderstanding and anxiety with the presence of the planet of love in the face of your sign of Taurus, which makes you live in quarrels and confrontations, so be very careful and maintain your family, marital and emotional stability for the bachelor. It is a difficult period and you need great endurance, generosity, tolerance and understanding.

(Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023)

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About Scorpio:


Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, superficiality, and small talk.

Scorpio likes Truth, facts, being right, talents, teasing, and passion.

Positive Qualities


Scorpio is brave and courageous, no matter how difficult the time is, Scorpio will not be afraid to jump in and still be calm.


Scorpios have a balanced nature that is not good or bad, they are not easily confused and mature, but they can sometimes be childish and selfish too.


Scorpio wants success, Scorpio wants financial stability and Scorpio wants power. Thus Scorpio always sets a high bar for himself and will do anything to achieve that goal.


Focus and determination are keys for a Scorpio, when they are doing something, nothing can faze them and they are fully focusing on what they are currently doing.


Scorpio is faithful and will always stand by the one he called friend, a very dependable friend that will help you whenever you need one.


Most of the decisions and judgments made by Scorpios are thanks to their instinctive nature, Scorpios are intuitive and logical at the same time.

Negative Qualities


The major negative of the Scorpio trait, Scorpio is manipulative towards other people, especially if those people can be used to further achieve his goals.


It is difficult to get a Scorpio to open up to you; they are only expressive towards people that they consider close.


Scorpio is easily jealous and envious of other people’s achievements, especially if said achievement overcomes his own.


Scorpios easily hold grudges, they are also easily offended. Scorpios will always try to get revenge on people who hurt their feeling.

How to Make Scorpio Women Attracted to You

It is difficult to get a Scorpio woman into a relationship, especially if you just met, it takes a lot of time to get a Scorpio woman to open up, so it is important to be patient. A Scorpio woman should be put in

the dominant position in a relationship and need to be respected, be a good listener, and teach her new things. Scorpio woman hates disloyalty and holds grudges easily, so do not misuse her trust or you will not be forgiven for the rest of her life. Scorpio woman is romantic and faithful, loyal and passionate; she will respect you back if you are able to respect her.

How to Make Scorpio Men Attracted to You

Scorpio man is curious so in order to get him attracted to you, you will need to be a little bit secretive. Do not open up everything about you in front of him, keep him curious and over time he will be the one who opens up to you. Scorpio man appreciates more than physical appearances, Scorpio man like confident and intelligent women, and he also seeks someone who can respect their authority Scorpio man prefers to be the dominant side in a relationship, but they will love their romantic partners faithfully; and will

not forgive when someone betrays them.

Famous Scorpios:

Bill Gates
Diego Maradona
Emma Stone
Frank Ocean
Gordon Ramsay
Hillary Clinton
Jimmy Kimmel
Julia Roberts
Katy Perry
Kendall Jenner
Leonardo DiCaprio
Matthew McConaughey
Meg Ryan
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Gosling
Whoopi Goldberg

Scorpio 2023 in partnership, passion, and relationships

Mars, the traditional ruler of the sign of Scorpio, and Venus, ruler of the house of relationships, begin their transit through the fourth house. This astral context indicates that you enjoy marital harmony, closeness, and harmonious family life.
Some Scorpios may decide that it is time to move under the same roof with their loved one, or if they are married, go to the real estate market with their life partner to buy a home.
Venus and Mars form squares with Uranus, which crosses the house of relationships and marriage, indicating that quarrels, misunderstandings, or sudden changes can occur that affect the relationship of the couple. If you are not married, another possible scenario is that you want to marry someone

your family does not approve of, which leads to tensions or even disagreements.
Here Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun are joined by Mercury, ruler of the aggregate house. Therefore, I expect that romance and opportunities for flirting or exciting encounters are not missing from the life of a Scorpio.
This period is very good for conquering the person you have been in love with for a long time and it is very likely that you will have the feeling that you have found your half, your soul mate.
Despite the tensions, uncertainties, and instability that characterize this period, you have every chance that your love relationship will regain its balance and become stronger.

Scorpio 2023 practically and financially

An important meeting may take place for you in the first half of 2023, to decide the fate of a professional project, professional or business alliances, or partnerships. There is a good opportunity to clarify some of the issues that have been analyzed and re-evaluated in the last three months.

2023, the Sun, ruler of Scorpio’s 10th house (career, ambitions, social and professional reputation), was in conjunction with Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd house (money work, resources, personal values). This astral context announces significant material benefits and an increase in popularity because you have every chance of finding an effective way to advertise or promote a new product.

There is a good chance of success in your career and in terms of earnings. Some Scorpios have the opportunity to start their own business or negotiate additional benefits if they are hired.
Mercury, ruler of Scorpio’s 8th house (shared resources, taxes, fees, credits, finances, inheritance) meets Jupiter. This is particularly beneficial for Scorpios and predicts booming business and revenue growth. You can pay off a debt or take advantage of favorable terms if you need a loan.

It is not excluded that a project or investment will bring a profit higher than you expected. However, eAstrolog.com recommends that you be moderate in terms of expenses and be very attentive to those around you because some of them can’t wait to pinch something from you.

Scorpio 2023, healthy and moral

It is time to take care of your soul and seek to restore your inner balance and overcome the difficulties that may arise.
You should feel that your loved ones are with you, I advise you to make peace with them.
If your soul cries out for someone from the past who knew how to comfort and support you, it wouldn’t hurt to look up to them and ask for their help or advice.

(Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023)

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