Scorpio Monthly Horoscope March 2022

While Pisces season might be very emotional for certain Scorpions, the season of the Fish makes you feel confident, strong, and motivated. You’re one of the zodiacs most naturally confident individuals, which means you’re not hesitant to put yourself out there and take some risks.

However, your energy is tempered by a strong desire for privacy, making it difficult to know when and how to emerge out of your shell. Allow yourself to go out on a limb—and do so frequently—but do yourself a favor and think about what this means before moving forward. If you want to share a passion project with the world, show it to your most opinionated friend first. If you want to grow closer to your crush, make sure you’re communicating with her in an open and honest manner so she understands where you stand. After all, you’re one of the most difficult signs to decipher, so dating you might be difficult!

The 20th of March ushers in spring, the Aries season, and a new astrological year! The Ram’s season shines a light on your solar sixth house, urging you to prioritize where you spend your time and energy. If you’re finding yourself putting off your goals because you’re fatigued from caring for others, it’s time to let them fend for themselves. Creating healthy and effective boundaries between you and your loved ones might free up time for you to pursue your goals. You’ll have to be more practical with your time management.

Yearly Scorpio Horoscope
Yearly Scorpio Horoscope

Standout days: 2, 5, 31
Challenging days: 14, 22, 28

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