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  • Scorpio is considered one of the best signs that are characterized by honesty, sincerity, and loyalty
  • Despite that, Scorpio is very careful in choosing a friend, as he wants him to be loyal, and loyal as he is characterized by these qualities. Likewise, friendship with Scorpio takes a lot of time for him to trust you and become his friend, because he does not trust anyone, but when you reach the stage of honesty, loyalty, and sincerity integrated with Scorpio The friendship will last for a long time.
  • Scorpio always prefers a simple and humorous partner.
  • A Scorpio born is ready to do anything for you, as it is full of surprises. But if you cross your limits with him one day, make sure that there is no return after that, because it is impossible to return the water to its course between you and him.
  • Family ties are very strong for Scorpio, as he excels in managing matters and is one of the best supporters when needed.


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