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Pisces Weekly Horoscope – Pisces Weekly

Pisces Weekly Horoscope – April 23 to April 29, 2023

The week begins with the triangle of the Sun and Venus with Mars, so you are likely to enjoy a positive emotional life, as the chances of increasing your money increase! From the middle of the week, avoid feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, and competition in the emotional field. In finance, this is not the time to take risks!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly, The conditions of this star group are heading towards more opportunities for engagement and sudden marriage, especially for those who have experienced major problems during the engagement. Your atmosphere may seem difficult, but there are many great opportunities to change your reality associated with others, especially your emotional and financial partner. Many of the owners of this significant move are in pursuit of concluding an important contract or obtaining a visa to enter a country that has not previously been achieved. Time may pass for them in a narrow way, and you often need the advice of those close to you and avoid the initiative from the heavyweight.

That arouses your sensitivity, and at the same time, you have to take enough time to relax. There are those who discover fraud in their account statements, which forces them to terminate an employment contract. You also have to pay attention to your financial budget, as you may be surprised by unexpected expenses. The upcoming change will be in your favor a lot. Opportunity to increase professionally to assume an important position.

Pisces Weekly Professionally:

You enter a very important solar month for you, which talks about professional projects with great enthusiasm, with the presence of the planets in the friendly Taurus, in addition to the presence of Mars in Cancer and Saturn in your sign, which makes your affairs go very well. Also, the effects of the new moon of Taurus will help you on the day Saturday to look more clearly at your plans and the way to reach them, as you have all the ingredients, capabilities, and competencies to bring about necessary and beneficial changes in your professional, personal, university and academic fields.

Pisces Weekly Emotionally:

You live a tense, tense week under the influence of Venus from the opposite Gemini, during which sensitive discussions abound that arouse your nervousness and resentment. You may take the initiative to treat your beloved with contempt or arrogance, so you appear selfish and possessive at times, and jealousy eats you at other times. For bachelors, beware of provoking disagreements, as your beloved may not understand you because of your contradictory feelings.

Pisces Weekly Facts:

  • Lucky number: 1, 4 and 7
  • Lucky Color: Red and yellow
  • Lucky Day: Thursday and Sunday
Pisces Weekly Horoscope
Pisces Weekly

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