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Pisces Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023

Pisces Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023

Pisces Weekly Professionally

the fourth month of April begins with an optimistic atmosphere and a fast and strong start that provides you with valuable opportunities, self-confidence, and all moral support. Most of the astronomical influences revolve in your favor and stand by you and support you for a successful week. You reach your goals and research very important financial issues and resolve legal and banking matters with the presence of the Moon in Leo. On Saturday and Sunday, things turn into a celebration of joy, comfort, openness, love, kindness, and a relaxed psyche, supported by luck and coincidence.

Pisces Weekly Emotionally

issues are dealt with without fear or hesitation, contribute to establishing peace, bringing points of view closer, and controlling your personal and family life, with the presence of Venus in Taurus, which carries emotional gifts to you, so you rejoice near the family, children, and bachelor loved ones. You will notice how the beloved always seeks to please you and satisfy your desires.

(Pisces Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023)

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About Pisces:


Dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, the cruelty of any kind

Likes: Being alone, love, sleeping, music, romance, swimming, spiritual themes

Positive Qualities


Pisces cannot bear to see others in trouble; they will always try to help if they see someone else is in deep problem.


They are not relying on calculation and logic for their act, Pisces action is overly reliant on their feeling.


Pisces major trait is their imagination, they are creative and love thinking about new things, they can think outside of the box and come out with new ideas.


Pisces is kind and will always try to treat others the way he wants others to treat him.


Pisces’ reliance on feeling makes them very sensitive, this is not a bad thing as Pisces will always be grateful if someone helped them and will always think deeply about their colleagues.


They will always try to please others first before themselves. Pisces is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others.

Negative Qualities


Pisces is also known for running away when he is faced with a difficult problem that he could not handle.


Pisces has an ideal that should not be confronted, Pisces will not back down from his ideal and it makes them stubborn about it.


If things are not of their important, Pisces will not care; they only care about things that they think are important.

Over Sensitive:

Pisces’ sensitivity can be annoying as they usually make small things looks like a major problem.


Pisces can be de-motivated very easily if things are not running the way that he thinks they should be.

Weak Willed:

They are also can be demoralized easily by difficult problems or situations and gave up easily.

How to Make Pisces Women Attracted to You

Pisces women longed for a romantic relationship; they demand a lot of compassion and bonds. You will need a good sense of humor to attract a Pisces woman; a Pisces woman is very sensitive and will express her feeling for you easily. need to be honest and loyal to her, if you have bad intentions and are not looking for a long-term relationship, she will be able to figure it out easily because a Pisces woman has good intuition.

How to Make Pisces Men Attracted to You

To attract a Pisces man is not to play secret and express your feeling to him, you should also try to make him laugh and be ready for being a good listener. Pisces man is also very sensitive and will not forgive betrayal and dishonesty easily. But if you are able to attract a Pisces man, he will be able to give you what you want before you even ask; they have great intuition and will always try to please the

Famous Pisces:

Adam Levine
Bon Jovi
Brooklyn Beckham
Bruce Willis
Carrie Underwood
Chelsea Clinton
Dakota Fanning
Daniel Craig
Drew Barrymore
Elliot Page
Eva Mendes
Floyd Mayweather
Jessica Biel
Josh Groban
Justin Bieber
Rob Lowe
Simone Biles
Steph Curry
William H. Macy

Is 2023 the year of luck for Pisces?

In 2023, Pisces will have a tremendous fortune in love, although they won’t realize it from the start. Although the year seems to start in the usual way, love will arrive later in its most unusual form. In June, Pisces will strengthen the love relationship they already have, or they will start a new, promising relationship.

Planetary influences on Pisces in 2023

In 2023, Pluto develops the pessimistic side and fear of failure in relationships for Pisces. They are very predisposed to daydream and are often at a disadvantage because they live in a utopian world. They are loyal and affectionate, but they can react very aggressively if they find out they have been cheated on. In love, they always take into account certain beliefs and do not agree to compromises. Jupiter retrograde will allow you to correct exaggerations, and inconsistencies in your perceptions or visions about career, success, self-affirmation, and destiny. Effect of Mercury Retrograde on Pisces:

As someone born under Pisces, you already tend to be a bit dramatic; but when Mercury is retrograde, your impulsiveness might explode. Any emotion you’ve blocked out so far will come out, which can become overwhelming to people around you who will feel attacked; even though you may have good reasons to get upset and fight back. During this period, it is important to understand the importance of how we formulate our opinions, and how we express our feelings. It is better and more correct to think twice before you say something. Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces between June 23 and November 29 of 2023.

During this time, you have to focus more on your inner self; on a personal level, but we will go through the same recalibration to achieve higher goals on a collective level. The most sensitive of the signs, Neptune retrograde in Pisces represents a reconnection with our extrasensory abilities.

Our clairvoyance is activated, and we become powerfully receptive. For Pisces, the transit of Uranus in Taurus will offer completely new ways of communicating, which may seem intimidating to them. However, if you trust your heart and inner voice, you will always be heard. It is not recommended to remain silent, and it would be wiser to get out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to speak clearly and let people get to know you better. With Mars retrograde, a period will follow when Pisces feels the need for solitude, meditation, and introspection because Mars retrograde is in the house of the subconscious. At the same time, Pisces is advised to pay special attention to their health and career sector, to address their current circumstances, and not to get sucked into the unpleasant situations that can happen at work. They have low energy to do daily tasks.

Pisces 2023, love and engagement horoscope – relationships

Relationships are not a high priority for you this year. She will let go and learn to avoid those relationships that bring you nothing. You will tend to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and will be willing to let go of those who don’t please or destroy. If you are married, you will tend to stay married. Single Pisces in 2022 will have the opportunity to meet a person who will radically change their future, and those who are already in a relationship will begin to seriously think about marriage and expanding their family.

Pisces 2023 and career horoscope

You have been longing for freedom and new ventures in your work world and career. This is the year you get it. The year 2023 sees that you are more willing to take risks or forge new paths professionally, and you will find that the work you choose this time will bring you deeper satisfaction, and it will have more meaning. The past three years have not been fun at all. You will enjoy 2023, especially after spring when new projects will take on a completely different form than you are used to. You will be stepping outside of your comfort zone, however, you will be very comfortable doing so. Dedicated work is an important keyword for you this year.

Pisces 2023 and money horoscope

Your work will bring reward, and it will not be challenged until the eclipse in the spring. When that happens this year, you will quickly turn around and any losses will quickly turn into gains as you restructure your finances, financial strategies, and even your financial philosophy. You may not see the changes in you, but others will be attracted to you, and then it seems that the lady’s luck has arrived

with a large number of new and different income opportunities and adventures. You will make serious financial plans but you will be more open to new ways. You probably won’t play it safe in 2023, and now you’ll be carrying your cards on your chest this year.

Pisces 2023 Health Horoscope

Health issues may challenge you this year or health problems may rise even higher in 2023. Just when you feel unrestrained in your career, Piper is exactly the price of health. However, you’ll be more open to doing the things needed to get your health back in order and you’ll do it quickly in early summer and it’ll be a permanent change of focus on food, diet, exercise, and wellness. A setback in the spring for two months, not of a serious nature, leads to a permanent change. You will also find changes of an emotional nature and reach a higher spiritual and dreaming level and it will reduce stress on you, bringing you the peace, contentment, and joy you have always sought. 2023 brings you continuous adventures and fun and you want to be good to enjoy it on all levels

(Pisces Weekly Horoscope – April 2 to April 8, 2023)

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