Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion: Can you find four cheetahs camouflaged into its natural habitat?

The images were captured by Villiers Steyn.

Villiers said: “We spotted four sub-adult cheetahs in a very open part of the reserve one morning.

When we drove closer, it became clear that they were very shy.

“Rather than running away from us on the open plains, they decided to seek shelter in a nearby rocky outcrop.

“None of the safari vehicles could get close to them and from up there they also had a great view of the surrounding area.

“The moment they went onto the rocky outcrop they became near-invisible.
“We would scan the rocks through our binoculars to try and spot them, but often to no avail. Only to realise they were right there in front of us!

“It was very strange to look for cheetahs, and not leopards, in the rocks, but what was obvious is that spots (as opposed to rosettes) work just as well for camouflage in rocky terrain.

So, could you find the four cheetahs hidden in the picture? Look carefully at the picture again!

Credit: Caters

Were you able to spot these four cheetahs camouflaged into its natural habitat?

Scroll Down for the Answer.

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