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Libra Personality

Libra is one of the air signs, meaning that its members are distinguished by rationality and thinking, as their spiritual side submits to their mental side, and its planet is Venus, and it starts on September 23rd and ends on October 22nd. Libra is the sign of human relations, the sign of reason and thinking, and it is sensitive and poetic, He loves excitement, risk, and adventure has many artistic talents, and is distinguished by his ability to adapt and adapt, He has a fun personality that attracts others to him like a magnet.

He doesn’t care about being alone, but he does everything he can when he has a partner. He is an honest and upright person, does not lie or betray, gives, and does not wait for anyone to return the favor to him. What he does for the people and for the sake of the people he does not call it a favor, but rather it is more like the free services he has, and if he took a smile of satisfaction in return, it would suffice him. He hates affectation and extravagance, his life is simple, his furniture is simple,

and you find that he loves spacious spaces, and that is why you do not find much furniture in his house. He cares about inner beauty more than outer beauty, you may find that his house is almost devoid of decorations, but you will find that his inner beauty is priceless.

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in marital relations; Hanoun overwhelms the other party with all feelings of love and affection, fills his life with him, and makes him feel that he is the only one in this world. Home and marital life are most of his interests, and the time he spends at home is a qualitative time that cannot be compensated so that the other party feels the difference in his absence. Libra has a leadership personality, and he prefers to be followed, as his formation does not allow him to be a follower, and his happiness increases whenever he hears words of praise from the other party. His decisions are slow, so he does not make quick decisions or rush judgments, and this is due to his excessive rationality, and most of the time his decisions are correct. Libra is wise in its actions and deliberate in its actions.

It is a natural refuge for everyone who seeks advice and everyone who disagrees with his opinion today. He will find that he has committed a grave mistake, so he will return to him seeking advice, which he will act this time to the fullest, and the result will be very satisfactory to the person concerned.

Libra is synonymous with poise, as the balance is an example of poise and moderation in all aspects of his life. And with their strong inclinations for moderation and their love for it; however, like other humans, they may fluctuate from one state to another, but the difference between them and others is; is that they know what they want, and this change is in order to improve something; And in order to restore their natural balance.

This is the sign of Libra, benefit from his warmth and tenderness, and do not rely too much on his ability to forgive or his ability to bear it, because he is human, he does not break or hit, but he may be broken from within, and this is more difficult for him and for everyone, because if he differs from within; His limbs will show his secrets.

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