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Leo Weekly Horoscope – March 26 to April 1, 2023

Leo Weekly Horoscope – March 26 to April 1, 2023

Leo Weekly Professionally:

The week of renewal and the wise decision, exciting events that will accompany you from new professional movements and changes or a new job, promising fiery influences that offer you all the chances of success, expansion, and spread. The moon is in Taurus, that is, at the highest point in the astronomical circle, so you feel that the conditions are difficult and the lights are shining on you. You are facing an exam that is required of you

Leo Weekly Emotionally:

The emotional atmosphere will not be easy with the presence of Venus facing your sign of Taurus, so beware of volatile character, making accusations, or blaming the beloved. Be objective in facing the circumstances and not drift behind provocations for the bachelor.

(Leo Weekly Horoscope – March 26 to April 1, 2023)

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About Leo:


Leo dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, and not being treated like a king or queen

Leo likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends

Positive Qualities


Even though they like admiration, a Leo will not get easily disheartened by the setbacks and disappointments of their loved ones. However, to keep them close to you many times, it is highly recommended to think twice before deliberately disappointing them.


A Leo is a kind person indeed. They occasionally shower their love and attention on people surrounding them so you can expect their generosity while you are in need. Make sure that you will someday return their kindness so they won’t feel merely used by you.


He/she may ask for your loyalty while you two are planning a long-lasting relationship. Keep in mind that when they start asking this one, you can not doubt their loyalty as well. When you put your trust in a Leo and try to be so faithful to them, a Leo will highly savor this relationship and do anything that has a probability to please you.


While you are keeping yourself company with a Leo who is ruled by the sun, you can get positive vibes from them as well. A Leo is naturally an energetic person, especially in doing something they are passionate about.


Do not expect any sugarcoated words from Leo because they express what they truly think about. They are so straightforward so if you are seeking any truthful comments, you can obtain them immediately from a Leo.

Negative Qualities


With their leading nature, Leo loves to take over control and make people follow their system. However, it’s not like everyone agrees on being told to do something by someone who is not in a reasonable position. This can result in hatred grown for Leo.


They tend to be self-centered which is a root for arrogance. Since they express spontaneously what is on their mind, it is possible that someone may get hurt by hearing their words. People with the Leo sign need to control their words more carefully, especially when it is related to talking about the ‘achievements’ they have made.


Just as stated earlier, a Leo will do anything to gain what they want. Their headstrong trait will also make it more difficult to convince them to change their decision once they set up their mind.


They tend to expect everything to be done so swiftly which describes why they are called impatient signs. This can be malicious indeed if the impatience turns out into anxiety and disappointment once the result is different from what they wished for.


One trait that can be an obstacle along Leo’s path is his/her egoistic nature. This ego can be hurt due to trivial matters so Leo is recommended to lower his ego to ease up anything related to the relationship problem.


A Leo savors everything he has and keeps it so close to him whenever possible so it may be irritating to you at times. They can be seriously jealous if they catch you hanging out with an unknown person of, the opposite gender.

How to Make Leo Women Attracted to You

Love her wholly, by this, it means that you need to accept her flaws and praise her qualities whenever possible. She would love to be treated like a queen so giving her special treatments or glam gifts on her special occasion is recommended. She would also be very caring and warmhearted to you so make sure you do the same to her to keep her by your side. A Leo woman tends to be dominating in a relationship, so frankly stating, it is best for you to follow her game as long as her game is still acceptable.

How to Make Leo Men Attracted to You

Just like a Leo woman who wants to be treated like a queen, a Leo man also wants to be treated like a king indeed. Shower him with your attention and make him your priority to keep this man close to you. Since a Leo man really loves adventure, you may suggest a date venue that is different from usual like visiting the zoo, hiking on the hills, or even driving offroad. With this up, you will keep him interested and there is a probability that he will be yours forever.

Famous Leos:

Anna Kendrick
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Barack Obama
Ben Affleck
Bill Clinton
Cara Delevingne
Chris Hemsworth
Demi Lovato
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lawrence
Kylie Jenner
Lil Uzi Vert
Mick Jagger
Mila Kunis
Robert De Niro
Steve Carell
Tom Brady

Leo 2023 in partnership, passion, and relationships

Leo’s seventh house (relationships, partnerships, associations, marriage), where Mercury and Saturn are still. The 8th house (intimacy, eroticism, physical and emotional communication) is well activated by the Sun. Numerous events, discussions, meetings, and even negotiations are possible, if you want to start an affair or if you have something to clarify with your partner.
Single Leos have the opportunity to find an attractive person in the environment in which they work. And it is not excluded that the relationship, which until now was exclusively professional, will acquire romantic accents. It is also possible that a person who has been interested in you for a long time will start responding to your advances and have an intense relationship, perhaps even romance.
Also, transits in 2023 indicate that old and troubled relationships now have a chance to heal and recover. It is very likely that partners will rediscover past romance, and benefit from the emotional maturity gained in the meantime, the relationship can take a deep and harmonious turn.
In the last decade of the year 2023, conflicts were not excluded in some couples, especially intense, unstable relationships. In some cases, they may separate.

Leo 2023 practically and financially

The triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto occurs in Leo’s house of work, marking a period of the professional relaunch. Many Leos have been upset since December last year over career work, professional development, and/or job change. Some have started a business or project they no longer enjoy or are willing to give up without regret, in order to move in a new direction.
Venus, the planet that rules your house (career, ambitions, social and professional reputation), enters your seventh house (relationships and partnerships) along with Mars. We, therefore, recommend that you have ample opportunities to lay the foundations of new associations, to win new clients or contracts, or to sign a solid employment contract, with very good prospects, if you have employee status.
March, a ruler of the house of earned money, transits your seventh house, then enters your eighth house (shared resources, taxes, loans, finance, etc.). This transit of Mars shows that in the last two decades of the month, you can earn better profits from associations and joint investments and that you have a chance to get financial support, maybe even some non-refundable money.
On the other hand, some Lions tend to spend a lot on credit or live off other people’s money during this period. It would be wise to do so in a way that does not make you overly dependent on others.

Leo 2023, healthy and moral

If you are troubled by some health issues, in 2023 it is best to document yourself thoroughly. Do not follow the mouth of the world and do not rely on information, but seek the advice of specialists.
In the first days of the month, you have the opportunity to start a new diet or exercise program that will bring you out of your stupor and help you lose a few kilos.
For some Leos, an old soul problem can be unexpectedly reactivated. We recommend that they turn to a healer or learn to practice meditation or yoga.
Towards the end of the month, you’re prone to all sorts of injuries, so it’s best not to speed and be careful with how you drive – or which car you get into.

(Leo Weekly Horoscope – March 26 to April 1, 2023)

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