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Leo Weekly Horoscope – Leo Weekly

Leo Weekly Horoscope – May 14 to May 20, 2023

You are going through a very harmonious and balanced time, during which you can achieve professional and personal success. You have a lot of energy that you can use permanently and successfully. Others see you as a nice partner in terms of conversations and negotiations, and your attractiveness seems to have increased as well, as the people around you feel drawn to you. With this ability, you can take over projects that have been frozen for some time. In addition, your health is good at the moment, so you can play sports and set some records as well.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Professionally

the planets oppose you this week, the most prominent of which is the transition of Jupiter, the planet of luck to Taurus, to join the sun and Mercury. You are required to protect yourself, avoid accidents, great emotions and anger, adapt to the current situation, move away from conflicts and fundamental differences, and settle many negotiations and hot dialogues, beginning with the presence of the moon on Saturday in Aquarius is in an astronomical square with the Sun from Taurus, which makes the atmosphere volatile, so that it is considered the most tired among the constellations

Leo Weekly Emotionally

In your personal life, you are subject to an atmosphere of coldness, estrangement, emotional stagnation, boredom, and the abundance of requirements and responsibilities. The reason is facing Venus from Cancer. You may fear feelings that suffocate you, in addition to your hostile tendencies. You are quarrelsome and do not like the behavior of your partner and children. Beware of your hasty reactions to the bachelor, complaining about The behavior of the beloved and blames him, and unjustified jealousy appears, which increases the tension and complexity of the situation

Leo Weekly Facts:

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 3 and 8
  • Lucky Color: Blue and Pink
  • Lucky Day: Sunday and Thursday
Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Weekly Horoscope

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