Leo Monthly Horoscope March 2022

The Pisces sun shines a light in your solar ninth house, dear Lion, stimulating powerful exchanges between you and your loved ones, as March begins with an emotionally charged attitude. It may be more difficult to establish lasting boundaries with the people in your life, prompting you to cut ways with any friends or love partners who have grown too tough in recent months. Consider keeping your distance until Aries season if you’re not sure you want to say goodbye for good.

As the sun and moon align next to lucky Jupiter on March 2, the new moon can help you set your intentions around what you want to grow. However, you could want to get a little transactional with the universe right now, offering to break a negative habit in exchange for help achieving your objectives. This is also an excellent moment to consider what you need to eliminate from your life to make room for the new people, interests, healthy habits, or relationships that you desire.

The vibe alters when the sun enters fiery Aries on the twentieth, while Pisces season pushes you to rebuild some situations and ties in your life. This celestial atmosphere stokes the fires of personal philosophy and spirituality in the sector of your horoscope that governs them, allowing you to reconnect with your intuition and the world around you. Make sure youre on the lookout for signs and taking additional measures to adopt a mystical practice right now, because the universe is trying to reach out to you.

Yearly Leo Horoscope
Yearly Leo Horoscope

Standout days: 4, 12, 18
Challenging days: 14, 15, 17

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