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Gemini Personality

Those who are said to be Gemini people are born in the period from the twenty-first of May to the twentieth of June of each year, and that period corresponds to the appearance of the Gemini stars in the sky annually, and many people believe that these celestial spheres have an impact on The personality of the newborns is in their zodiac signs, as well as the approach of other planets and their distance from the earth.

As for the personal qualities that Gemini people enjoy or are distinguished from other people born in other constellations, the first thing that distinguishes them or makes you know that the person in front of you is born in this sign is duality and constant volatility. Where Gemini is considered one of the people who tend to be strange, so you find that he is irritable and shows a great reaction to all situations. Vanity perhaps in succession because all these thoughts are running through his mind. He is a person who is quickly bored to the fullest extent and cannot remain in one place without boredom or a change in his mental or psychological state at least twice.

And a Gemini born is an intelligent, perceptive, and quick-witted person to the maximum degree, and in addition to that he has a lot of movement, so he can employ his intelligence and quick-wittedness in quick work and get things done accurately, although he cannot determine what he wants or how to act easily because he thinks about Many things at once, but he often comes to the best and easiest solution at the last minute. He is a quick learner and benefits from his experiences and the

experiences of others that he acquires quickly and skillfully, perhaps in contrast to his disagreement with the educational systems that require him to adhere to things that limit his freedom of thinking and prevent him from exploring and gaining experience. He is a tactful speaker who has fluency in speaking and a style capable of persuading most people, and if he wants to lie, he can do so with ease. But because of the tension in which a Gemini born is living, he suffers from sleep disorders that vary between insomnia and sleeping for long periods.

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