February 2022 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

The Taurus moon aligns with inventive Uranus on February 7, while having beneficial aspects with both Mars and Venus, making it a busy day for you, little Bull. These heavenly connections have the potential to have a tremendous impact on you, assisting you in discovering your life’s mission.

An additional link between transformative Pluto and the north node could inspire you to make significant personal and spiritual changes. Beautiful chances will soon make their way to you if you listen to your heart and let the universe guide you right now. Stay away from anything that doesn’t inspire you or fire enthusiasm from within if you’re having trouble following directives from the other side.

On the eighteenth, an earthy grand trine unfolds in the cosmos, mirroring destiny’s call on February 7. Divine inspiration will come your way, inspiring you to be more creative while pursuing your goals with vigor. This is the day to put your confidence in the cosmos if ever there was one.

When the Scorpio moon activates the area of your chart that governs romantic partnerships while having a helpful connection with charming Venus on the twenty-second, things get exciting in your love life. With these two celestial bodies at play, soul-mate connections could emerge, but it’s crucial to relax your guard, especially in group social circumstances. If you’re in a relationship, these vibrations can help you connect on a philosophical level with your partner, so don’t be afraid to broach the subject.

Standout days: 8, 11, 14
Challenging days: 12, 16, 21

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