February 2022 Leo Monthly Horoscope

This month, the Aquarius sun shines on the region of your horoscope that governs love, so look for methods to spice up your love life and self-care routine. These offbeat vibes encourage you to embrace new experiences and notions, broadening your horizons in unexpected ways. Any love connections worth fostering right now will revolve around intellectual discussions, especially once Mercury departs Capricorn on February 14 and enters your solar seventh house.

With Luna camped out in your sign, the full moon on the sixteenth is highly charged for you. You and your spouse may sense some rivalry developing, but you must ensure that the atmosphere does not become tense. Supporting one another is the only way to move on in your relationship in a healthy way. If you don’t think your significant other or crush can enjoy your accomplishments, you should consider moving on.

When the sun enters Pisces on February 18, your capacity for drama or petty behavior will be exhausted. This solar alignment can strengthen your intuition and empathetic sensibilities while also encouraging you to embrace personal change. You may also feel less attached to some of your favorite pastimes, foods, or music, which is simply the universe’s way of forcing you to grow. A good rule of thumb for the rest of the month is to keep track of what or who gives you energy vs who drains you. Make a commitment to divide your time and energy accordingly once you’ve worked that out.

Standout days: 5, 21, 25
Challenging days: 4, 15, 23

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