February 2022 Gemini Monthly Horoscope

If you’ve been feeling unorganized or as if you’ve been wading through mud for the past few weeks, things will start to get a lot better on February 3, when your ruling planet Mercury completes its retrograde journey. This shift allows you to break cycles and progress farther in your evolution. A beneficial partnership between the Aquarius sun and Saturn can also assist you with reassembling personal structures, particularly when it comes to spirituality and your connection to the universe.

On the fourteenth, Mercury will shift from serious Capricorn to whimsical Aquarius, bringing more change your way. This planetary alignment will provide you divine inspiration, enhancing your intuitive powers and creative intuition. You’ll also notice that others are more receptive to your advise and insight, however you must be careful not to overstep your bounds with uninvited viewpoints. On February 21, when the Scorpio moon forms a tense aspect with the planet of communication, placing people in a private and temperamental mood, be especially aware of this emotion.

On the twenty-seventh, give yourself freedom to create boundaries while cutting ties with any persons, situations, or behaviors that are holding you back. Before crossing over Pluto, the Capricorn moon establishes an alliance with Mars and Venus, offering the ideal cosmic setting for personal growth. Take charge of your life with this energy, dear Gemini, and don’t feel bad about prioritizing yourself. The north node will lend you an assist in pointing you in the right way. All you have to do now is take a walk down it.

Standout days: 11, 19, 28
Challenging days: 16, 21, 24

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