February 2022 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

As charming Venus continues to journey through your sign, February invites you to enjoy your own beauty as well as the beauty that surrounds you. Dear Capricorn, tapping into your gratitude can also do wonders for your mentality, inspiring you to take risks in life. These energies are also ideal for unashamedly pursuing your goals, which is intensified by Mars’ location in your sign. This month, your love life will get a boost, assisting you in winning the hearts of anyone you’ve been eyeing recently.

On February 4, the Aquarius sun and Saturn, your ruling planet, create a cosmic alliance, shedding light on your financial situation. Consider this cosmic stream as an opportunity to make wise investments, even if it’s just in a new pair of shoes. Make a personal commitment to get rid of any clutter you’ve accumulated over the years and to purchase fewer, nicer items in the future.

On the seventh, the Taurus moon aligns with inventive Uranus, sharing favorable aspects with Venus and Mars, allowing you to experiment with your particular style. This is a good time to give yourself a makeover and maybe try something new with your hair color or outfit.

On February 18, the moon, the north node, and Pluto make an earthy grand trine, sending transformational developments your way. As the universe urges you to adapt and move forward with your life, you may need to say goodbye to any individuals, events, or behaviors that are no longer beneficial to you. Take solace in the thought that anything you must let go of today is for the sake of bettering yourself.

Standout days: 3, 8, 14
Challenging days: 5, 12, 13

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