Capricorn Monthly Horoscope March 2022

The Pisces new moon on March 2 delivers a slew of lucky, healing, and transforming vibrations your way, thanks to the alignment of Venus, Mars, and Pluto in your sign. It’s now, dear Goat, if there was ever a time to get serious about changing your outlook and your life. Just don’t expect to see results right away. To genuinely evolve, you’ll need to allow yourself some time and space.

This cosmic atmosphere, fortunately, functions as a blank canvas for you, allowing you to change nearly any aspect of your life as long as it’s something your heart truly desires. On that day, Mercury and your ruler Saturn create an octave, which can aid in the formulation of a firm strategy, so sit down and write out your six-month goals.

On the twenty-eighth, the moon and Venus align with Saturn, bringing financial growth. This is an excellent day to pay off debts or invest, especially if your gut tells you its a good idea. However, if you don’t have to be very thrifty with your money right now, feel free to treat yourself to a small treat. The universe wishes for you to realize the benefits of your efforts!

The month comes to a close on a high note on March 31, when the Aries new moon rises in the sky, ushering in a new chapter in the sky and in your life. This is an excellent time to begin a new project, particularly one that involves your home, intuition, or a resolution to better nurture yourself.

Weekly Capricorn Horoscope
Weekly Capricorn Horoscope

Standout days: 2, 5, 18
Challenging days: 7, 20, 28

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