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Cancer Personality

Cancer is one of the most famous constellations with many characteristics that distinguish it from other constellations, and Cancerians are people who are born from the twenty-first of June to the twenty-second of July of each year. In order to sum up the general characteristics of those born with the sign of Cancer, we can limit them to the following.

The most important thing that distinguishes those born under the sign of Cancer is their association with water and the moon. The personality of a Cancer child depends on the tides a lot, and he is a personality that varies because of these situations between the fun that overwhelms all the places in which he is present, and between sadness and frowning that once It is drawn on its features that no one can easily erase, and if a Cancer-born decides to keep up with the situation, what is inside it cannot be seen or known by anyone. Because of this, a Cancer born is a secret keeper for many people, and he keeps secrets well and knows how to protect them, and at the same time he does not trust anyone with his secrets, and he rarely trusts a person to the end, as he is very pessimistic and has many fears of many things. Things, the most important of which are death and failure.

And a Cancer born with intense feelings, and cannot do anything about it or hide his feelings for a long time, as he depends on the sincerity of his feelings, and the broad imagination of a Cancer born has a great role in showing his feelings in a way that makes the person in front of him understand them sincerely and live them with him. And he loves home and family, and he cannot move away from his homeland except with the presence of violent psychological tremors, and travel causes many psychological problems for a newborn.

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