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Can you spot the frog hiding in the leaves?

The images were captured by photographer Yawaraj Gurjar

At first glance, it looks like nothing more than a picture of a green tree.

The only thing that makes it possible to spot the cunning frog is its bright yellow eyes.

Yawaraj said: “The perfect blending makes this picture beautiful and that’s why I love this image.
“I like to see people’s reactions when I show them ‘camouflage’ photos.

“They initially start finding the object, some fail and some succeed but the awe expression on their faces is something I always find satisfying.”

He added: “We were on walking trails of these wonderful lush green forests of Goa.

“Like many moss frogs, they build foam nests above small pools of water into which the tadpoles drop after hatching.
“We were observing the female making her nest.

“After the nest-making, she jumped and slept on a nearby branch, which was just a meter away.

“The frog was resting and sleeping for quite a long time which gave me the chance to get some good photographs.”

So, could you spot the frog hiding among the leaves in this confusing picture? Look carefully at the picture again!

Credit: Caters News Agency

Were you able to spot the frog?
Scroll Down for the Answer.

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