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Can you find the snow leopard hiding in plain sight?

Commenters were quick to point out how well-hidden the snow leopard was when wildlife photographer Bobby-Jo posted her images of the animal on Facebook.

Snow leopards are certainly masters at camouflage, with the WWF saying:

“Their long fur and less distinctive markings that seem to change shape with body movement make identifying individual snow leopards difficult compared to other big cats like tigers, leopards, and jaguars, which have more distinctive markings.”

The WWF estimates that there may only be 4,000 leopards left in the wild, making the big cat an endangered species at the moment. They are a pretty elusive animal, so the precise number is yet unclear.

Snow leopards are currently most at risk from habitat loss, climate change, a lack of prey, and illegal poaching.

So, could you find the snow leopard hidden in the mountains? Look carefully at the picture again!

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Wildlife photographer Bobby-Jo shared these photos on Facebook.

Were you able to spot the snow leopard?

Scroll Down for the Answer.

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