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– The Four Elements of Astrology –

The four elements can be regarded as four basic principles that guide life.

A focus on the elements can be beneficial when addressing a challenge, setting a goal, or the course for your future By understanding each of the elements you will be able to evaluate better your individual strengths and weaknesses giving yourself a compass to guide you throughout your life.

All About the Element of Water

Signs ruled: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces:

Water is the element of stillness. It is the place of feelings, dreams, mysticism, and symbols. People who are in tune with the element of water have a connection to the emotional current and feel at home in the land of dreams. In many spiritual practices waters is the element of cleansing and purification. Water is where you gain your capacity to feel compassion, be in stillness, and experience deep peace. When clear and balanced, this element is where the purity of love is experienced. Water people are the ones who can be in a room and feel their surroundings. If your water is high you may feel drained after being in a large group or around a lot of people.

Evolved water has the capacity to hear and tell the truth without blame or shame. Water is the place where you forgive and release the past. Growing the element of water in your life creates spiritual depth that allows you to foster acceptance and faith that there is a reason for everything that comes into your life. The secret motto for water people might be “breath, believe, and receive.” Having healthy water means you have learned how to heal the pain, are willing to ask for forgiveness, and able release blame and destructive self-talk.

All About the Element of Air

Signs ruled: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:

Air is the element of the mind and the intellect. It is the part of ourselves where we create the narrative for our world. We as humans are hard-wired to connect and Air people came in with a how-to manual. Air people are the ones in a room bouncing around from person to person talking non-stop. Having balance and a capacity to foster the element of air is how belief in the possibilities is developing. With ample air, there will be no limit to your imagination. Evolved air is open to possibilities but not attached to the outcome. The intellect is always turning, testing, and created endless thoughts and ideas. The trick for air is being able to remember and not “blow out” what it takes to put the ideas into action.

Advanced air can speak to the unspeakable and know how to speak from the heart. They are able to use words that are authentic and honest. Air is often the researcher and the one who is giving feedback. As air evolves it develops ways to communicate in a way that word no longer carry the sting of judging but are formed to cultivate creative intelligence. Air is connected to the soul and the breath of life, which serves the heart. The power of the air is its ability to carry away your troubles, blow away strife, and deliver positive thoughts to those who are far away.

All About the Element of Earth

Signs ruled: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn:

Earth is the element that is practical, and wants to provide and be in service to others. It is the stable constant that provides us strength. Earth people are on the show-up and get things done team. They are the ones who come to a party and end up in the kitchen washing the dishes or go to a business meeting and leave with a to-do list. Earth people arrive in this world with a clear calling to contribute, nourish and provide. Steadfastly loyal, they often are the ones able to manifest what they believe in. They get it done by putting one foot in front of the other and keeping their focus on the day-to-day.

The power of Earth people is their reverence for each day remember what they do impacts generations to come. They are the stewards of creating heaven on earth. For that reason they are apt, as they evolve, to expand their focus from financial matters to a broader understanding of what it means to live abundantly. Advance earth people know when to be strong like a stone mountain and gentle like a blanket of soft grasses in the spring. The natural virtue of Earth is just that we are all one family and are living in the joy of the wonderful gift of life.

All About the Element of Fire

Signs ruled: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius:

Fire is the element of change. Fire both creates and destroys. There is no way about it when fire is hot – it is honest, righteous, and passionate about truth. Fire creates new possibility and is the element of inspiration, creativity, and the catalyst for transformation. Fire doesn’t burn itself out, rather it may be smoldering in the background gaining energy to go headfirst into life’s next adventure. For those who have had ample fire as a child, sometimes become self-conscious as they have seen where they have burned people or felt the sting of being a forgotten star.

Evolved Fire pays attention to what has heart and meaning. As fire matures it knows how not to burn everything in its path but rather to walk with courage into the flames with an open heart with faith that what is next is perfect and meant to be. Fire people have a love for life and know that rage and anger used proactively with consciousness is the catalyst for transformational change.

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