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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope – Aquarius Weekly

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope – May 14 to May 20, 2023

You feel good, you feel seriously healthy, and you feel the vital energy coursing through your veins. So, the time is right to take care of the projects you’ve been putting off lately, and if you don’t have any ongoing projects at the moment, the time is right to start something new. Prepare for a phase of sensations of anticipation of something new happening, and you may also feel positively overwhelmed by the endless opportunities. Take advantage of this important stage, and you will enjoy the total approval of others as soon as you start something new.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Professionally

The broad title is to avoid the lights, leave the command center to others, withdraw from noisy places safely, and not get involved in any project or statement under the influences of Jupiter, which joins the sun, Mercury and Uranus, in confrontation with Pluton from your sign. This astronomical dissonance threatens with some negative and subtle repercussions, beginning with The moon is in your sign on Saturday, so many hopes will crystallize, and luck will help you overcome important obstacles

Aquarius Weekly Emotionally

bonds are strengthened, thoughts calm down, and you regain your joy and optimism in a stronger relationship with the presence of the planet of love in Cancer that stands beside you, which means that you will find support and sympathy in your partner, especially if the relationship is strong for the bachelor. It is a suitable week for engagement, reconciliation and initiative. Do not miss the opportunity to regain confidence. The beloved.

Aquarius Weekly Facts:

  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 6 And 7
  • Lucky Color: White and Azure
  • Lucky Day: Saturday and Tuesday
Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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