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Aquarius personality

The owners of this sign are born between [January 20 – February 18], Aquarius is distinguished by its likable qualities, familiar personality, many friends, love for others, and is not late in providing assistance to those who need it, sticking to his opinion in discussions, except that he If he feels that he is wrong, he quickly admits his mistake and the correctness of his partner’s opinion in the discussion. The owners of this sign are among the friendliest people around them, and their characteristics are not devoid of some negativity, but their positive characteristics are what attract others to them and make them not see their unpopular qualities.

Aquarius female traits:

The power of her intuition: The female Aquarius has a very striking power of intuition, which relies on her sixth sense and tries to make predictions and possibilities for things before they happen, and this is what makes her always ready for surprises.

Liberal: She hates to restrict herself, or for others to put restrictions on her, She soon rebels against these restrictions and liberates herself, to continue her life with comfort and absolute freedom.

She sanctifies friendship: she adores her friends, maintains her friendships, and tries to make her relationships with her friends always solid, and based on the elements of honesty and frankness, to make them lifelong friendships.

She hates routine: What makes her most uncomfortable and uncomfortable is practicing routine details and repeated habits, She tries to break the routine quickly, change the details that began to be repeated, invent new habits, and create a constantly renewed atmosphere.

Innocent and spontaneous: a very innocent childish spirit lives inside her, she cannot hate or suppress hatred inside her, and she treats those around her with complete spontaneity, and this may cause her a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Quiet: She loves calmness and quiet people in dealing, she does not like to raise her voice, and she does not get angry quickly, she discusses calmly and tries to convince the person in front of her of her point of view without tension or nervousness, as well as prefers quiet places far from the hustle and bustle to spend most of her time.

Optimistic: looks at her future with an optimistic view completely far from pessimism, fear, and anxiety. She does not like pessimistic thoughts and complex and dark opinions about tomorrow.

Sometimes superficial: pay attention to money and power, and prefer to be associated with those who own them. She loves fame and lights, as well as connection and work.

Aquarius man traits:

Social: loves to engage with the surrounding community, is very open, loves to participate in social events, and constantly meet new people.

Emotional: At first glance, he appears as a cold, emotionless person, but he carries inside him a lot of emotions and sincere feelings towards the people around him, especially his life partner and children. He is always described as a good husband and an ideal father.

Discreet: He prefers to keep a corner of his life away from the spotlight. He hides many of his secrets even from the people closest to him, and this is what makes others describe him as a mystery.

Loving: He has a big heart that loves everyone around him, and he tries to be frank with those he loves about his feelings towards them, but he always fails to be frank with his feelings, he prefers to inform them of that, of his sacrifice for them, and his support for them.

He loves cleanliness: he cares about cleanliness in an indescribable way, in his home, work office, and everywhere he is. His presence in places that he does not consider as clean causes him to feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Fun: He gives an atmosphere of fun and happiness everywhere he is. He loves humor, banter, and funny jokes, and he prefers friends who share his wit.

My mood: His mood may change in moments, but he rarely suffers from his mood with others, as he prefers to be alone if he is in a bad mood, so as not to cause harm to those around him.


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