Aquarius Monthly Horoscope March 2022

The month begins on March 2 with the Pisces new moon, which shines a light on your bank account. Take some time to assess your financial well-being, dear Water Bearer, as these energies have the potential to bring growth and healing to your own finances. As the sun moves through Pisces for the most of the month, this theme will continue. Between now and the twentieth, your money can easily rise, but if you’re not careful with your spending and investments, it could slip through your fingers.

When Venus and Mars join hands and cross the boundary into your sign on the fifth, big things happen to you. This planetary power duo can assist you in increasing your motivation, but only for projects that inspire you. Whether youre planning a move, a professional change, a new look, or going back to school, now is the time to get in gear, since manifestation might happen quickly in the following weeks. Don’t put off acting because the sun and Jupiter are having an affair in the cosmos. Any new excursions you go on today will be blessed by the universe.

With so much change in your life, it’s probable that you’ll cross a few mental wires as you embark on this fantasy manifestation adventure. Fortunately, as spring arrives and the sun enters fiery Aries on March 20, things start to make more sense. Your solar third house is active as a result of this transition, ushering in a period of quick wit, mental clarity, and fearlessness to help you face whatever life throws at you.

Yearly Aquarius Horoscope
Yearly Aquarius Horoscope

Standout days: 1, 5, 8
Challenging days: 9, 21, 28

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