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Aquarius family and friends

  • Although Aquarius loves to share and gather with others, he is very social and loves to help people, but he takes care when it comes to choosing close friends.
  • Very sensitive and cautious, getting close to him a lot means for his exposure to his privacy, so do not underestimate this issue.
  • His straightforward manner in dealing with others as well as his well-established value make getting to know his character from the inside difficult.
  • Those who are able to discover him from the inside will see in him a friendship that will last through the years.
  • Aquarius can sacrifice themselves if necessary for the sake of their family.
  • He looks for rationality, honesty, and creativity in his friends.
  • When it comes to (important) matters in his family, he never fails.
  • Aquarius’s relationship with his relatives is one of his duties, and he does not approach one of them unless he has the same characteristics that Aquarius is looking for in a friend.


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