Optical Illusions

5 Optical Illusions That Will Play Tricks On Your Brain

1/ How many heads are in the picture? Zebra or Zebras?

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There are two heads in the picture.

Source: Link
Source: Link

2/ who’s grabbing the girl on the left shoulder?

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3/ How many people do you see in this picture?


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This picture was shared on social media by a user named DarkSandy.

If you see 7 people in this picture, your mind is running fast. Even if you see 6 people, your brain is working fine.

4/ Can you find the hidden cat in this picture?


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This Image was shared by waterhauler – Reddit

5/ Can you tell how many legs an elephant has?

The image was shared by Twitter CORE uWaterloo
Credit: CORE uWaterloo

If we look closely, we can notice that this elephant has only four legs as well! Natural space was left unfilled by artist Roger Shepard, generating confusion and leading us to believe the space was supposed to be a leg. Still confused? Cover up the feet and you’ll see the four legs.


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